This is our mascot..."keeper of the company." The ancient gargoyle was believed to keep the EVIL spirits away. Because of its grotesque look, it was believed to ward off the evil and bad spirits. A protector of the area it was pearched at.
Our gargoyle sits pearched on top of our company. It's purpose is to keep EVIL and bad intentions away! We embrace peace, calmness, growth, positive action, positive momentum... Progress. Negativity can see it's way out and or deal with the wrath of our bad a** gargoyle.
The gargoyle is in shape, focused, intense, determined and under complete control. All traits we encourage and embrace. Weightlifting/MMA gloves are worn symbolizing fitness, toughness and self control. The chains are finishing touches to make it out own. displays an edge you need to experience all life has to offer.
By NO means does our gargoyle insinuate evil. It's the exact opposite, created to kick the devil's a**!
Thank you
Russell Pay